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BMS for LiFePO4 4S 100A cell

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Coulometer gauge

Multifunction wattmeter: Power meter, Volte meter, Ah meter, Ampere meter and energy meter

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HiKu6 Mono PERC 530 W ~ 555 W CS6W-530|535|540|545|550|555MS


Module power up to 555 W

Module efficiency up to 21.6 %

Up to 4.5 % lower LCOE

Up to 5.6 % lower system cost

Comprehensive LID / LeTID mitigation technology, up to 50% lower degradation

Compatible with mainstream trackers, cost effective product for utility power plant

Better shading tolerance

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Digital BMS with relay

The Battery Management System, a centralized BMS, protects your Lithium battery against overcharging and deep discharging.

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123 SmartBMS

The BMS (Battery Management System) protects the lithium battery against overcharging, deep discharging, and allows temperature control.

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