• Batterie 15kwh inverter 8kw
  • Batterie 15kwh inverter 8kw

Lithium battery for an autonomous house

Pour profiter d'une maison autonome en énergie, nous vous proposons la batterie Power House qui stockera l'électricité produite par vos panneaux solaires photovoltaïques.

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How does the solar battery work?

In an autonomous installation, the photovoltaic solar panels make it possible to supply the electric current when there is light. At night, the solar battery takes over after storing energy during the day.

There are many advantages to installing lithium-ion (li) batteries for your solar panels:

- A more efficient energy density, with a large number of cycles

- A longer lifespan

- A better ecological balance compared to traditional lead batteries.

A powerful battery for solar panels

Have you installed a photovoltaic system for your home? By combining a lithium battery with your solar panels, you can store all the excess energy and then use it later:

- to be more independent

- in the evening or at night

- in the event of a power outage

- to save money.

The solution is very interesting for isolated sites, or simply to be less dependent on the Enedis public electricity network. Trust our experts for the installation, send us your projects.