Portable Solar System - Series HBP (300-1000W)

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Portable Solar System - Series HBP (300-1000W)

Your HBP Series can power your lights, charge your phones, keep your fridge running and your radio on. The HBP Series offers five battery backup power systems that meet the needs of light power users through to heavy consumers. An excellent backup power source.


1. Powerful output capability, successfully driving high-current facilities like refrigerator, washing machine, juicer and other high-power appliances, etc. Various output ports such as AC 220V, USB 5V port (3pcs). 4.Bluetooth speaker; Wireless mobile phone charger.5.Efficient conversion, supper low no-load current, better energy saving.6.Multi-functional LCD display with AC output voltage, battery capacity, AC output load, high accuracy 1% Coulomb grade on power measurement calculation etc.7.Equipped with thermostatic fan, slower temperature rise and lower noise.8.Full protection including input over voltage , low voltage, overload, short circuit, over temperature etc.9.AC charging and solar charging are available .10.